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About Hypatude

Over the last 16 years, our collective talents have created and produced multiple film projects and reality show series. We have multiple films with world wide distribution, and have worked with companies like Buffalo 8 to bring projects to an international audience.

Hypatude productions are currently working on their latest feature film: Pizza Boy Rick. Which is currently in the middle of production.

Hypatude Productions LLC is an American independent film production company, located in Atlanta GA. Delivering unique films embarking on changing the perception of ethnic groups in American Cinema. Their films have been distributed worldwide on Platforms such as Amazon, TubiTV, Plex, Xumo and many others. As well as established distribution partnerships with Buffalo 8.

        • atlanta production contact

          Skye Wilson

          Creative Producer

          Understanding the importance of marketing and the process of branding, Skyes uses her keen knowledge of social media to strategize in connecting consumers with products, artists and brands.

        • film production altanta

          Jake Malcolm

          Audio Technician

          Jake is a production sound mixer, composer, and songwriter with a top priority to capture the cleanest audio possible. Working with audio requires intense concentration and assessment of environmental factors.

        • movie production atlanta

          Randy Reno

          Chief Lighting Technician

          Lighting is crucial. Lighting can transform a scene in endless ways, deeply affecting the viewer’s experience. Being skilled, intuitive, adaptable and creative, can and will enhance any media production.

        • best production company in atlanta

          Luke Dingess

          Brand Specialist

          Understanding consumer trends and their trajectory is crucial. Luke and our team has become effecient at developing plans and strategies for a company’s branding and advertising campaigns for the present and future.

        • best production company in ga

          Nathan Loughman

          Camera Department

          Nathan began working with cameras of all kinds. With features, television pilots and mini series. Nathan is experienced in the mechanisms and maintenance of all things in the camera department.

        • film production designer

          Haley Hammonds

          Costume Designer

          She has been dedicating her time and effort to create a customized apparel look that suits the desired outcome of film projects. She has worked on multiple feature films and short films. while delivering excellent results.

        • atlanta film producer

          Brandon Dunlap

          Music Producer

          Music production can transform a project, and enhance the audiences viewing experience. Brandon’s goal is to achieve ambient perfection, so the viewer can allow themselves to be fully immersed into the story.

        • best atlanta photographer

          Chryseis Dawn Patterson


          Chryseis is our resident photographer, the go-to for all things photo. She has travelled all over the United States capturing an array of artistic styles. With a keen eye and adventurous spirit, she always gets the shot!

        • jason park director

          Jason Park


          Accomplished filmmaker Living in Atlanta, GA with a background in both acting and narrative filmmaking. We are able to take your project from conception to final delivery, guiding you through the process effeciently.