Always Smile

Releasing 2024

Two homeless brothers find themselves at the heart of an unexpected and dangerous journey when they witness a crime that shakes the foundations of the city's corrupt underbelly. These resilient siblings discover the true meaning of family.

  • best car movies

    Four Amigos/Fast Atlanta Directors Cut (2024)

    In this fast paced action crime drama. Atlanta street racers "The Four Amigos" decide to rob a drug lord, in order to save Ace's mother. Ace finds himself in love with a beautiful single mother, Vanessa. Between saving his mother and risking a friend. Ace must decide if it's worth becoming a bad guy for a night.

  • comedy producer atlanta

    Rex Park: Curse of the Golden Buddha (2021)

    After not being able to pay rent and owing money to a drug lord 3 Roommates struggle to find the one thing that can save their lives, The Golden Buddha! But beware of the curse hidden behind the beautiful gold statue, they're gonna need some good luck. Now available on Tubi TV

  • Pizza Boy Rick is a thriller about a wannabe actor who delivers pizzas.

    Pizza Boy Rick (2024)

    Starting his new job as a pizza boy. Rick drives around the city delivering pizzas, before stumbling upon a dying man. In order to save the man, Rick must drive across town before 12AM. What waits for him is an intriguing game of life and death. Will he make the right choice? Completed! Expected release 2023/2024

  • reality show director

    Med Spa Life (2022)

    Follow Jessica Park and her crew at Park Ave Cosmetic Center. A top rated Atlanta Medical Spa as they celebrate new patients, procedures, makeovers and navigate what it takes to run a successful Med Spa.

  • atlanta videographer

    List Or Go Broke (2021)

    Follow Atlanta Realtor who specializes in the seperation of real estate assetts. working with soon to be divorce couples trying to sell their home. Will they list or go broke?

  • atlanta cinematographer

    Tuner Time (2023)

    Cars like the Italian designed super car brought to you by Lamborghini. Your everyday driver like the glorious Mazda Miata. Or JDM legend Honda S2000. Are reviewed by Jason Park. Made specifically for Youtube.